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About ILAN

The Institute of Loss Adjusters of Nigeria is a corporate professional body and one of the major arms of the lnsurance lndustry in Nigeria. lts members provide the necessary technical support services to the lnsurance market in the areas of Claims investigation, adjustment and settlement.

ILAN was founded in 1981 because of the need to provide the required professional training and have a unified code of conduct for its members. Membership is of two categories; the first is the association by all loss adjusting firms in Nigeria that have been duly registered by National Insurance Commission. These are corporate members of the Institute. The second class of membership of the institute is divided into five categories: Life, Fellows, Associates, Licentiates and Student Members.


Today, the lnstitute has Sixteen Fellows, Thirty Associates, and Forty Six Corporate Members.

ILAN’s registered aims and objective are:

  1. To establish and sustain a professional body of practicing Loss adjusters in       Nigeria.
  2. To engage in activities that will ensure the general welfare and public well-   being of Loss Adjusters in Nigeria.
  3. In particular (but without limiting the scope of the foregoing) to take necessary actions for the advancement of education in the field of Loss Adjusting.

4. The aims and objectives shall be pursued:

  • By establishing and maintaining institutions, libraries, schools and recreation centres for the succour, assistance and education of its members and the public in general.
  • By applying the funds of the lnstitute in the purchase of property or other interest and the establishment of projects, the proceeds of which shall be appropriated wholly and entirely for the development of loss adjusting profession in Nigeria.